Known for her elegant chic garments and crafting beautiful moments, Anel Verna has been leaving her mark in fashion since she opened her own boutique in Massachusetts in her 20’s. Her journey from designing wedding gowns to dressing Latino Celebrities and world Miss Universes morphed into a brand that produces clothes, accessories, and home items. Her success is determined by her ability to blend elegance into everyday life.

Anel Verna was born in the Dominican Republic where she grew up learning from her mother, a talented seamstress, in a house where the good china was for daily use. At an early age, she understood the meaning of quality, beauty, and classiness. Her family moved to the United States where she attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design. After opening her own retail store, she moved to New York City where she had the opportunity to designed for legendary Latino celebrities, like Gloria Estefan and Celia Cruz, Hollywood icons, like Geena Davis, Eva Longoria and acclaimed Beauty Queens, like Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera.  Anel Verna both the woman and designer are in constant evolution. After giving birth to her daughter, Valeria, she embraced her love for all things coastal and launched the Cream Coral Collection brand. Her boundless creativity and detail are evident in this airy, stylish and graceful line of clothing, accessories and home items.

If you ask Anel for life advice she would say, “Dress beautifully, enjoy a great meal with your loved ones in a lovely setting and create moments that will define your life.” This is what she hopes to bring you through Cream Coral Collection, the pieces to design your moments. Anel Verna loves creating moments with her husband, Jose Miguel, and daughter, Valeria. She lives in coastal Florida close to her mother, sisters, and family. You can appreciate her moments on her Instagram account @anelverna.